The importance of living in a comfortable and elegant environment, where each furniture piece has the right place striking the perfect balance between order and living, is something to which Cazzaniga & Gaudenzi give best attention, thanks to their strong connection to family values and traditions.

The choice of wood as primary material, combined with innovative materials, has been conceived as a starting point to propose refined and involving furniture, The everlasting elegance of this material, worked at top levels with modern machineries, joined to the craftsmanship of our skilled labour, bring to extremely refined and quality results, achieved by a continuous cooperation with world renown Architects, with whom the company has always been working.

The possibility of ‘custom made’ solutions is a corporate choice, addressed to the customer’s involvement in a project .By means of the feasibility study and the mutual dialogue with the customer and his Architect, the project - born from a schematic concept- reaches the perfection of the final result.

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